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The Usage of plateLOCK

Why the investment in theft-proofed plate holders is worthwhile:

John Smith is hard-pressed for time. He works as a package deliverer – he has already packed his van last night in order to get his deliveries done in time before Christmas is approaching - because nobody likes to discover that the place under the Christmas tree is empty.
Therefore, Mr. Smith gets up very early in the morning and goes to his car unsuspecting. Strange… something is missing… both number plates have been stolen! But how is John Smith supposed to deliver his parcels now? Without a valid number plate a vehicle isn’t allowed to be moved in public. What now?Mr. Smith is desperate.

160.000 German drivers shared John Smith’s fate in 2011: the shocked realization that a vital detail of their vehicle was missing. The now following efforts are enormous. It begins with a visit at the local police station where the theft has to be reported personally. With the written confirmation of theft the owner can only acquire a new car registration at the responsible Department of Transportation. Don’t forget: the insurance needs to be informed even if it usually doesn’t defray the expenses. The original number plate – in many cases a vanity plate – will be disabled and blocked for up to ten years and two new number plates are required. But before these new plates get attached to the car one crucial alteration should be made in order to prevent a repetition of such an unfortunate event:

The special number plate holder plateLOCK prevents theft!

For a conventional number plate a thief doesn’t need anything but a screwdriver and a few unobserved seconds – lucky!The extremely high prices for gasoline foster such criminal acts, especially since it is so easy for the criminals. . 
With the new number plate the thief can fill up his fuel tank and simply drive away without paying a cent at the gas station. Other thieves sell the plate’s MOT-test badge. But no matter how thieves want to exploit their stolen goods, the costs and the efforts for the victim are enormous. plateLOCK can prevent theft effectively.