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All details about our new plateLOCK system

How you can obtain plateLOCK:

Our online mail order is still under construction

but we are delighted to take your orders per e-mail: info [at]

Why plateLOCK is special:

Usually thieves have an easy job: open the license holder and lift out the plate. But with the special license holder system plateLOCK even the most proficient plate-thieves will be at their wit’s end.

plateLOCK consists of stainless steel and gets attached to the car from the outside, using special Pitlock-nuts so it can only be unclamped with a special screwdriver. The number plate is held tightly by the stainless steel bracket and therefore, can’t be removed. Thus, it can be secured that only the rightful owner of the car can dismantle it. No matter if car or motorbike: plateLOCK is available in all permitted plate sizes.
But plateLOCK does not only prevent the theft of the license plate – simultaneously the bracket is a unique eye-catcher due to the individual design. Whether engraving or special color: the sky is the limit. plateLOCK may shine in the color of your vehicle or it can display the emblem of your favorite football team. How about pink with Swarovski Crystals or would you rather fancy a classic black varnish featuring your engraved name? The theft-proofed license plate holder comes along chrome-plated, coated and lacquered according to your individual taste.
We are already working on a special aluminum variant made of aluminum usually used for airplanes.
plateLOCK is made by hand - the very reason why we can attend to every customer’s wishes individually.

Furthermore, we offer a ten year warranty for this product made in Germany. And of course the holder does not need a special admission according to the road traffic regulations.
Our delivery time amounts from 3 to 4 weeks. The plateLOCK system can be fitted by hand but we recommend a fitting by a specialist.